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Salesforce Admin Group, Pittsburgh, United States

Hello and welcome to our Trailblazer Community Group! We look forward to meeting you and having tons of fun as we succeed together. Check out our upcoming meetings below and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Upcoming events

Jun 7, 2023

Virtual Event

ChatGPT for Salesforce with David Giller

Join the Pittsburgh Admin Group and special guest, David Giller from Braniate, as we talk through responsible use of ChatGPT, potential risks, and prompts that can help your Salesforce team in all facets of their work.

Past events

Virtual Event

The Future of Permissions with Jen Lee!


Trailblazer Meet Up @ The Foundry

Virtual Joint Meeting

Flowing into 2022: Part 4 - Debugging & Building for Flow at Scale

Virtual Joint Meeting

Flowing into 2022: Part 2

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