SF Welly: My CTA Journey - Emily McCowan - Thurs 20 April 12pm NZT

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    Emily McCowan, Salesforce Certified Technical Architect & Trailblazer


    Recording link: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/4XgU6-1MHAk5PpNRngigXQBLyUouPPLkAaW09Dwq7mFY5l9iWB1bugjNWE5W2PXi.4aCeIQo1R55ldMUQ

    Passcode: @DAqb3z9


    Some of the attendee locations:

    • Auckland, NZ
    • Hawkes Bay, NZ
    • Lower Hutt, NZ
    • Wellington NZ
    • Vietnam
    • Atlanta, USA
    • Melbourne, Australia
    • Brisbane, Australia

    Recent certification successes

    • Luis Lau: JavaScript
    • Richard Garcia: Salesforce Associate
    • Anna Loughnan: BA
    • Amanda Yang: Sharing & Visibility Architect

    Special Shoutout to Bec who failed Service Cloud Consultant 👋


    Meeting this coming week: https://trailblazercommunitygroups.com/events/details/salesforce-salesforce-user-group-wellington-new-zealand-presents-sf-welly-intro-to-devops-for-admins-with-david-smith/ (David Smith presented this at Kiwi Dreaming in March!)

    Watch out for announcements of the 2 planned in-person events in May, coming soon!

    Gold Coast Trailhead Academy Bootcamp: https://trailhead.salesforce.com/bootcamps/gold-coast

    Salesforce Days are Back! Dates still in the future...

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

    Thursday 27th April, 2023

    3:30 PM - 9:00 PM NZT

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator

    Friday 28th April, 2023

    3:30 PM - 9:00 PM NZT

    Head to the Salesforce Certification Days page to register for any of these APAC friendly session times or to see sessions running in all timezones across the globe --> sforce.co/3FSvvVm

    Notes from Emily’s session…

    Useful online course - learning how to learn

    Book - Atomic Habits (maybe)….are you a dedicated person?

    Comment from Callum: The Well-Architected team have been busy producing youtube explanations of the different Well-Architected elements too which are great! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn15mOuXqGJVz01JSEXCUyRNvd5Xu6k8D

    Flow Republic - tiers of paid offerings

    Helpful certs (outside of the required ones to even qualify to sit CTA)

    • experience cloud consultant
    • Admin cert is useful (board judges you on programmatic vs declarative)
    • Sales and service cloud consultant also useful for things like territories


    This link has the details of the board as well as the evaluation (which is the short form with a single CTA before the board)

    Other certs outside Salesforce - ones that help you grow - soft skills, communications, project management

    One of the cool things about the board is that one of the sections is non-technical (it's communication)

    Takeways from Emily….make sure you have everything in alignment, put in the work - you CAN do it, takes time and commitment, many others on the same journey, join architect Ohana slack, use imposter syndrome to your advantage

    Original meeting Info

    Emily McCowan started as an Accidental Admin after graduating university 13 years ago. From starting off completely unfamiliar with Salesforce, not knowing how to build a report, or really understanding what the cloud even is, today she is a CTA having passed the gruelling exam in recent months. Emily first spoke to our SFWelly community back in October 2020 when she was on parental leave and still working towards sitting the CTA exam. 

    Emily will share her story, what she’s learned along the way, some tips and resources on both studying for the architect certifications as well as how to navigate the career path, and overcome imposter syndrome to become an architect, and aspire to be a CTA.

    You don’t need to be on the Certified Technical Architect journey for this session - we’re happy to chat about all sorts of Salesforce certifications and learning pathways. You will find Emily's insights very inspiring. We warmly welcome all from the Salesforce Ohana to our virtual meetings.

    Emily is a certified Salesforce architect with 13 years’ experience on the platform. She’s an active member of the Ohana, founding the Brisbane Women in Tech community group 8 years ago, running the Brisbane NFP hackathon, helping organise several years of the Down Under Dreaming Brisbane conference, and she was a 2x Salesforce MVP. She is also an ambassador for Ladies be Architects. Emily is a Kiwi now living in Melbourne with her husband, toddler daughter, and two cats. 

     The Zoom link will be sent out to those that register on the morning of the meeting. 

    You can reach me at: anna.loughnan@trailblazercgl.com

    Update from previous meeting...

    We had a very popular in person meeting this week covering BCITO's devops and transformation journey. Please check out all the info including photos and slides here: https://trailblazercommunitygroups.com/events/details/salesforce-salesforce-user-group-wellington-new-zealand-presents-sfwelly-the-devops-journey-at-bcito-te-pukenga-using-copado/

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