Salesforce Apex Hours :- Lightning Web Component (PART 2)

About this event

Building rich, efficient, and resilient Lightning Web Components is no black magic. This webinar will cover best practices around:

1) Using public, and private properties for effective component composition.

2) Event communication for child-to-parent as well as for sibling components (pubsub).

3) When, and when not, to use Apex with Lightning Web Components

4) Aura interoperability

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Saturday, Mar 23
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM (EDT)


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Group Leaders

  • Amit Chaudhary

    Amit Chaudhary

    Salesforce Developer

  • Thomas Nieman

    Thomas Nieman

    WorkForce Software

    Senior Application Administrator

  • Pooja Chugh

    Pooja Chugh


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