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Hello and welcome to our Trailblazer Community Group! We look forward to meeting you and having tons of fun as we succeed together. Check out our upcoming meetings below and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Upcoming events

Feb 23, 2024

Virtual Event

Remediate vs. New Org

If your Salesforce Org has been running for years, the tech debt may be adding up. If so, the question comes up whether it is better to remediate what you have or to go to a brand new Org. We will explore how to make that decision and get your arms around your technical debt.

Past events

Virtual Event

Unveiling the Latest Lightning Web Components Features

Feb 16, 2024

Virtual Event

Design Patterns for Salesforce Git Branching Strategies

Feb 9, 2024

Virtual Event

Integrate seamlessly with AWS thanks to Unified Developer Experience

Jan 19, 2024

Virtual Event

Architect's Approach to Governance

Dec 8, 2023


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