Salesforce Apex Hours : How to be your own org Doctor

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"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver", is something that very aptly applies to orgs as well. You do not need a org plagued with issues like CPU timeouts, Query timeouts and Row Lock errors. And the good part is that you yourself can be the doctor of your org. Today we will overlook some very simple ways in which you can identify the pain points in your org and clean it all by yourself. The things can be as simple as checking the storage stats of the objects in your org or analysing the way your batches are scheduled and the time they take for execution. The next step after the analysis is complete is to provide remediation to the caused issues. And that is not too hard either. The main aim is to make small but necessary changes to the configuration of your system, while keeping the behavior intact and without compromising the performance.

We would also cover the frequency of performing these health-checks on your org to ensure scalability of the system. Once the issues are fixed, it is expected to have improved system performance and less issues caused because of either concurrency or data fragmentation.


- Identifying the wellness of your org

- Choosing the right person to be the Salesforce org Doctor

- Recognizing the symptoms of an unhealthy org

- Diagnosing your org

- Remediation

- Some common tools for maintaining a healthy org

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Saturday, Apr 27
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (EDT)


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