Overcome Salesforce Governor Limits Using Platform Events

Salesforce Developer Group, Farmington, United States
Sat, Mar 7, 2020, 10:00 AM (EST)

About this event

Mixed DML’S Operations, Too Many SOQL Queries, Too Many DML Statements, CPU Timeout: Salesforce’s Governor limits are there for a reason but even when you employ best practices you may still exceed them. A good developer will look at all tools available on the platform and find the best approach to solving the problem they are facing.

Join us to add the newest tool to your developer toolbelt: using Platform Events to change the rules of the game and process more, faster, within governor limits.


  1. What are Governor Limits
  2. Synchronous vs. Asynchronous processing
  3. Introducing Platform Events
  4. Platform Events processing
  5. Platform Events Considerations
  6. Example 1: Getting around Mixed DML limit
  7. Example 2: Changing multiple Apex Async Processes
  8. Other use cases
  9. Additional Resources


  • Ohad Idan

    Ohad Idan

    Praxis Solutions LLC


  • When

    Saturday, Mar 7
    10:00 AM - 11:30 AM (EST)


    NA NA48335

    Group Leaders

  • Amit Chaudhary

    Amit Chaudhary

    Salesforce Developer

  • Thomas Nieman

    Thomas Nieman

    WorkForce Software

    Senior Application Administrator

  • Pooja Chugh

    Pooja Chugh


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