This month's DUG meeting: All about NPSP!

About this event

This month's DUG meeting is all about the very excellent Salesforce drop-in: Non-Profit Starter Package(NPSP).  We will look at how this package uses best-practices to extend the Unlimited Edition Salesforce licenses, and how you can benefit from their use of these best-practices.  From the way in which they handle triggers to how they have set up their data-structure, this package advises us on how to structure our charity and commercial orgs.

We will also surface the requirements for our God's Child project, and hear from the various teams on how they intend to approach the solutioning of these requirements.

If you've heard about the NPSP and wondered what it's all about, or if you want to see how Salesforce handles the structuring of an app-exchange package...even if only to get a glimpse of best-practices that you can use in your daily work, you must not miss this meeting.

As always, we will provide pizza, cake and beer: the three basic needs of any developer.  Join us!



Wednesday, Mar 22
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (CDT)


5445 Legacy Dr, Suite 100 Plano75024

Group Leaders

  • Moyez Thanawalla

    Moyez Thanawalla

    Thanawalla Digital


  • Paul Mccollum

    Paul Mccollum



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