North America

Salesforce Developer Group, Dallas, United States

Welcome to the Dallas Salesforce Developers Group. We meet each month to share Experience and Resources. Usually the 4th Wednesday of every month, we feature an interactive presentation that should always teach and inspire. We work with several other Ohana communities to share and incorporate strengths and experience.  We have Stack and Community Leaders always hunting for information worth sharing every month.  Please feel free to contact me or any of our leaders along their topic ownership below. 

Sincerely, Paul McCollum 


--Stack Champions--

Clouds, Components and AppExchange : Nana Gregg (VFP Consulting)

Flows : TBD

AI and Machine Learning : Renee Bartel

Integrations: @Paul McCollum (Accenture)

LWC (JavaScript Server side, SLDS ) : @Nathan Shulman (Salesforce)

Non-Profit Stand-up: MVP @Moyez Thanawalla (Thanawalla Digital)

Security: Waqas Nazir (DigitSec)

Past events


DFW SF Devs: Reactive Flows with MVP Eric Smith and Roundtable Discussion


DFW SF Devs: Salesforce + ChatGPT: Drive Transformation with GPTfy


DFW SF Devs: "TDX Wrap-up" Salesforce Architect Advocate Stephan Chandler-Garcia

Volunteer Event

Dallas SF Devs: It's going to be OK Non-Profit Org standup

Global sponsors



Moyez Thanawalla

Thanawalla Digital

Paul Mccollum