Salesforce Developer 1 Certification Study Group

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Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Study Group. 

In this session we will cover VisualForce. Be sure to have gone through the VisualForce Workbook and read the VisualForce Developer Guide prior to the session. We'll be talking about controllers, controller extensions and other topics you can expect to see on the exam, including Global Variables and the Page Reference Class (also covered in the Apex Developer Guide). offers three major certifications important to Developers: The Platform App Builder, the Developer 1 Certification, and the Developer 2 Certification. To be successful at completing the Dev1 Exam one needs a good understanding of the platform. While it's no longer required, we highly recommend you pass the App Builder Certification before attempting the Developer 1 Certification.

For the Dev1 Study Group, we will be using various texts including 

• SFDC Apex Code Developers Guide 

• Apex Workbook 

• Development Lifecycle Guide

• SOQL and SOSL Reference

• IDE Developer Guide 

• Migration Tool Guide 

• Visualforce Developer's Guide 

• Visualforce Workbook 

All the above can be found from We'll also be using Trailhead. Even if you already have a DE account, get a new DE account to use for the exercises in Trailhead. Use your existing account for any exercises in the workbooks. Run through the exercises before our meetings. 

Plan on working through all of the modules in the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Administrator Trailhead path as well as the Developer Beginner, Developer Intermediate, Get Started with Lightning Experience, Migrate to Lightning Experience and Develop for Lightning Experience Trailhead Paths.

This group meets every 3rd Saturday of the month and the Saturday that follows 2 weeks later. Session Leader: Sunita Manne, Cal Smith, Ajomon Joseph, Moyez Thanawalla

All, remember, this is the DEVELOPER 1 study group for certifications. At the end of the Developer 1 sessions (July), we'll move into integration and other topics needed to pass the DEVELOPER 2  exam (previously the 501 Exam). 

Current Study Group Dates planned are as follows: April 16, 30, May 21, June 4, 18, July 9, & 16 

Many thanks to Keste for hosting our Salesforce Developer Study Groups at their offices in Plano.  


Saturday, May 21
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM (CDT)


6100 W PlanoUS

Group Leaders

  • Moyez Thanawalla

    Moyez Thanawalla

    Thanawalla Digital


  • Paul Mccollum

    Paul Mccollum



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