Bring your Dirtiest Data Questions to MVP Lars Neilsen

About this event

Your darkest secret is that you have dirty data. Large, unwashed swaths of putrid numbers and pointers festering under the hood of your production org.
"If only I can just get to a point where my data is clean, I know I'll be OK..." Yup, know that story. It's the same lie we all tell ourselves. We know your shame. So come to this months Dallas Salesforce Developers meeting and learn at the feet of our own Salesforce data messiah, Lars Neilsen. Lars has seen it all. He has wrestled with the largest, dirtiest data-sets known to man, and lived to tell about it. Lars will regale us with lusty tales of data-gone-bad, and offer gentle advice on how we, as mere weak-fleshed mortals, can stare down our own data demons. Bring your wistful stories, recount your pain among friends...the data messiah will deliver peace to you and your org.

As with all such cathartic gatherings, we will feed you :)

See you on Wednesday!


Wednesday, May 23
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (CDT)


NorthLake College
5001 N. MacArthur Blvd, Room G-401 IrvingUS

Group Leaders

  • Moyez Thanawalla

    Moyez Thanawalla

    Thanawalla Digital


  • Paul Mccollum

    Paul Mccollum



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