Salesforce Women in Tech Group, Tirane, Albania


Let's connect for a female-friendly discussions where you can feel free to clear your doubts about Salesforce and Career. We encourage all the women in Salesforce Community to come forward and share their experiences with us. It's an open platform to promote technology and motivate each other. 

This user group is for you all to learn and share your experience with us, make new connections and meet others similar women who are interested in making their carrier in Salesforce. Women In Tech is all about empowered women to empower women. Salesforce believes the same way and we should come forward to participate and share their experiences with everyone.

So why do we need more women in technology?

Because not only is it the right thing to do, but in the Salesforce Ecosystem it has also been seen that women are the ones who thrive more. It promotes both equality and diversity in the workplace. Also, research has shown, time and again, that having a greater percentage of women in technology, results in superior performance, and motivation in the team. Now which company wouldn’t want that?

What values does WIT in Salesforce Ecosystem stand for?

Short for Women in Technology, WIT is dedicated to providing seamless betterment for women in the workplace. The importance of women in technology is immense, and their contribution can’t be ignored. That is why Salesforce has started this initiative as a means to empower more and more women to make their mark in the world of automation.

How does Salesforce Ecosystem help women to thrive in the technology industry?

The Women in Tech in Salesforce ecosystem is extremely passionate about providing support to female technologists. Through campaigns and talks, they aim to inspire women to come forward and be the leaders in an industry that was once considered to be a man’s playground.

The Women in Tech groups in the Salesforce ecosystem conduct several sessions where women who have made their mark in the industry, come and share their stories. Discussions about the hardships that they have faced in a male-dominated world. There are also Women in Tech events hosted by Salesforce women’s network every year to address their contribution.

What are WIT groups do to Empower Women with Technology?

Women are by nature great communicators and technology equips them with a great tool to connect and share. Over the past few years, WIT has brought together great women leaders who have inspired others to take major roles in the field of technology.

WIT believes that the change should come from the women business leaders in the fields of technology. It is through the women entrepreneurs of technology the overall social change can occur. In order to implement a positive social change enabling women to use technology, these kinds of platforms are required.

The concept of Ohana

Salesforce ecosystem believes in the concept of Ohana – or the notion of family. This helps women in the tech industry to come forward and contribute in a greater multitude of capabilities. Women in Tech in Salesforce ecosystem is definitely a great platform to help them reach out and learn from hundreds of other women from other chapters.

Upcoming events

10 mar 2024


March meeting

Lets learn more about Salesforce, win some swags and have fun together.

Past events


WIT February Meeting

13 feb 2024



16 ene 2024


Winter Meeting

10 dic 2023


Learning Trailhead

16 nov 2023


Global sponsors


Ina Tane

Group Leader
Leadership Development Association Albania, Kosovo & Presevo