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Salesforce Marketer Group (Pardot), Austin, United States

This group is for B2B Marketers (and Pardot users) in Austin, Texas, to collaborate, share ideas and expertise, and learn from each other about how to master skills. We will hold regular events for this group as well to try to expand our reach and gain more knowledge from other users. Please join this group to stay up-to-date on the latest Group information!

Upcoming events

Jun 8, 2023

Virtual Event

Master The Lead Source Field

The Lead Source field is so important for marketing reporting, but Pardot and Salesforce sometimes disagree on the data. Learn all about how to master that pesky Lead Source field between Pardot & Salesforce.

Jun 20, 2023


Account Engagement (Pardot) Automates… Record Creation

Join us for a great demo of the app available for your Account Engagement (Pardot) org - use the External Actions feature, Engagement Studio, and Flow to automate the creation of many kinds of Salesforce records: Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, and more.

Past events

Virtual Event

OPERATION: CLEANHOUSE! Tips To Improve Your Account Engagement's Performance!

Virtual Event

Getting Started With B2B Marketing Analytics

Virtual Event

Pardot Specialist Certification Bootcamp - Session 8 (In Spanish Only)

Virtual Event

Pardot Specialist Certification Bootcamp - Session 7 (In Spanish Only)

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