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Salesforce Marketer Group (Marketing Cloud), Twin Cities, United States


We're hundreds of marketers and marketing technologists committed to fostering growth, collaboration, inclusion, and innovation, and we'll be even better if you join us.

We achieve this through:

  • Technology Insights: We're made up of curious thinkers and are always finding new ways to leverage technology. Users share their tech insights at user groups and we'll also dive deep into platform features and review the latest updates to the Salesforce marketing automation software. 
  • Best Practices: If you're working on your own, chances are sometimes you need an outside opinion on your solution or implementation. Being part of the user group will allow you the opportunity to make connections with multiple working professionals that can help. 
  • Strategy: This group doesn't just discuss technology - it's also comprised of marketers who can help discuss and present new methods to engage and retain customers. 
  • Solution Expertise: Many of our user group sessions focus on how to use Salesforce to solve common and uncommon marketing and technology needs
  • Career Advisory: Many users are available for anyone needing an outside perspective on how to advance their career or improve the role they're currently in. 
  • Outreach: We're always looking for ways to help the world around us, and occasionally offer opportunities to volunteer time to help underserved audiences advance in a career in Salesforce, and help the general community. 

We look forward to meeting you and having tons of fun as we succeed together. Check out our upcoming meetings below and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Past events


(Update 2) AI for Marketers: Practical Applications for Today's SFMC Professionals

14 nov. 2023

Virtual Event

Data Cloud Implementation, Data Ingestion, and Lessons Learned

26 oct. 2023


Dreamforce In-person Meet Up

14 sept. 2023

Connections Watch Party

Connections Watch Party for the Twin Cities Salesforce Marketer Group

7 juin 2023


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