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Salesforce Developer Group, Sydney, Australia


Welcome to the Sydney Salesforce Developers Group.

We are a bunch of passionate Salesforce technologists and host a monthly meetup to bring the community together. If you do develop on, or you're interested in developing on the platform then please join!

We aim to tailor our meetups towards more beginner and advanced audiences and switch between the levels in order to provide you with content that suits your level. You are more than welcome to attend either of the meetups and we encourage our more senior Salesforce experts to put up their hand and present on specific topics. 

- Vamsi & Abhi

Past events

Virtual Joint Meeting

Unlocking the Power of Security Troubleshooting Tools - Security Center

9 nov 2023

Virtual Joint Meeting

HTTP Callout and Screen Reactivity in FLOWS

24 ago 2023

Virtual Joint Meeting

Introduction, advantages of GraphQL API with Real time demo

26 jul 2023

Virtual Joint Meeting

Data Cloud for Developers

28 jun 2023


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Vamsi Gosu

Salesforce Architect
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Abhilash Kuntar

Community Group Leader
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