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Salesforce Architect Group, Chennai, India


"Vanakkam" (Greetings) Chennai! - The Salesforce Architect Group, Chennai is a local resource to learn about Salesforce features, socialize with fellow trailblazers - Salesforce Administrators, Developers, Users, Partners, and Employees.

Here is our subset of V2MOM.

Vision: To be regarded as one of the "respected & resourceful community groups" among Trailblazer communities & serve the community with "Honesty and Integrity"

Mission: The mission of "Salesforce Architect Group, Chennai" is to

  • Provide the avenue for Architects and Aspiring Architects, to sharpen their architect acumen
  • Enhance the architecture talents in and around the region
  • Be the Knowledge Hub of Salesforce ecosystem

Past events

Virtual Event

July 2023 Meetup (Theme: Generative AI for Trailblazers: Unlock the Future of AI)

Virtual Event

June 2023 Meetup (Theme: "State of the Global Economy - Macro Views : Survive & Thrive !")

Virtual Event

May 2023 Meetup (Theme: "The Power of Branding")

Virtual Event

April 2023 Meetup (Theme: Ace the CTA Journey)


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Kannan Narayanan

Community Group Leader