Zurich Marketers United: Pardot vs. Marketing Cloud Clash

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Pardot or Marketing Cloud? Engagement Studio or Journey Builder? The choice isn’t as simple as B2B or B2C.

Join Salesforce marketing experts Marta Travieso Garrido, Patrycja Michalak and Fedja Fidahic as they explain the differences (and similarities) between Salesforce’s marketing tools Pardot and Marketing Cloud as they go head to head in duelling marketing content creation.

We are participating with many other community groups around the world to arrange this TrailheaDX 2020 Global Gathering. This is the first joint Zurich B2B and B2C Marketers Groups free online meeting and suitable for every skill-level.



  • Marta Travieso Garrido

    Marta Travieso Garrido

    Zurich B2B Marketers Group

    Group Leader

Group Leaders

  • Fedja Fidahic

    Fedja Fidahic

    Marketing Automation Consultant

  • Paula Idec

    Paula Idec


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