SF Welly goes Virtual - 12pm Tue 7 April - Delivering Secure Salesforce Access to a Remote Workforce

Apr 7, 2020, 12:00 – 1:00 AM

So many businesses are now unexpectedly running a remote workforce. While your Salesforce instance might be accessible from any device, anywhere, should it be? Tomasz Oczapowski (Salesforce Success Architect) would like to share with our New Zealand Ohana best practices on how to enable access to Salesforce applications, quickly and in a secure manner. Queries: anna.loughnan@trailblazercgl.com

About this event

WRAP UP: link to a recording of this webinar (not this one): https://salesforce.vidyard.com/watch/cRiF3RcMUPk9X8uabyuZJA?video_id=7818713&source=Calendar 

17/4/20: I am still waiting for a copy of the slides from Tomasz, but this recording is the same as the webinar he presented to us.

So many businesses find themselves unexpectedly running a remote workforce. While your Salesforce instance might be accessible from any device, anywhere, should it be? I have arranged a special presentation of this session, for the Salesforce New Zealand Ohana, as securing remote access to Salesforce is very topical right now.

Tomasz Oczapowski, a member of the Salesforce Success Architect team has the following session to share:

To help our Salesforce customers to respond to new working arrangements, the Success Architect team would like to share best practices on how to enable access to Salesforce application, quickly and in a secure manner.

This webinar is for both experienced SysAdmins as well as for anyone new or not very technical managing their Salesforce setup.

Note, we will not be covering Marketing Cloud access topics.

My aim is to keep these meetings to 1 hour, but it is flexible. I ask for your patience! The meeting info will be sent out to those that register, and please do not share the link more widely. You may need to check your spam folder for the email, the Zoom link will be sent out in the morning prior to the midday call. There will not be a valid Zoom link in your original registration confirmation.


Please keep your RSVP accurate as that really helps with the planning, even though there will be no catering this time :)

**registrations will be limited for this event, and preference will be given to those who are New Zealand based in loyalty to the local SF Welly and Kiwi Ohana.

**Please join the waitlist as I should be able to increase capacity. There has already been significant interest **

I am working with scheduling other speakers as well for future meetings, if there is someone or specific content that you would be interested in, then please reach out to me. We may also schedule virtual meetings with no formal content planned, if this is something you would also be interested in, let me know!

Thanks for your continuing support, and I look forward to connecting virtually. Please feel free to contact me for any reason, I am happy to continue to support our local SF Welly Ohana, to chat, have virtual coffee, provide advice on Salesforce, careers, Trailhead, certifications, introductions, all the usual! Just virtually for now :)

You can reach me at: anna.loughnan@trailblazercgl.com

Kia kaha... Anna Loughnan


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