Before Flows, System Flows and Order of Execution

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Flows have changed! You can now create "Before" Flows and ones that always run in System Mode. Now the answer to which runs first, a flow or a trigger, is not so clear. Let's look at the recent changes to flows, how it impacts the order of execution and do some hands on testing. This discussion is relevant to admins and devs alike.  We will be doing this as a virtual meetup, and we welcome Trailblazers from all over the world to join us.  To receive the meeting link, you need to RSVP to this event.

We welcome all Salesforce builders, crafters, developers and programmers. Admins, business analysts, data analysts, report builders and end users are all encouraged to come and share your knowledge and kinship. You don't have to write code to join in. There is no membership exam. If you have an interest in Salesforce, come to our next meetup! We also welcome Salesforce employees, partners and students.


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  • Mike DeMaria

    Mike DeMaria



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