Testing in a Box!

Dec 8, 2018, 8:00 PM – Dec 9, 2018, 12:30 AM

Join the Seattle WIT User Group for a WIT & Allies (co-ed) hands on workshop around Testing in Salesforce. Testing, what is it, how do you do it, what is test coverage, how do you write it, positive tests, negative tests, write a useful test class, take home cheat sheets on testing, plus... a very special testing Trailhead Badge!!

About this event


This event will be HANDS ON!  Bring your laptop! We will be going through videos from Salesforce about testing then going over them, reviewing a Trailhead module, there will be handouts, take home cheat sheets on testing and best practices, and by the end of the event you should be able to tell the difference between different types of testing and write a useful test class! Last but not least, you'll earn a Trailhead badge on testing to show off those mad skillz, cause you need a badge for bragging rights!


Description: A Developer focused workshop on Software testing

Audience: Developers, Admins who code

Level: Beginner-intermediate while touching on advanced.

Supplies Needed: Laptop + a dev org + access to trailhead

Message @DougChrist or @MeighanSF to access once you arrive, or call 415-741-0920


Letter from Kevin Poorman, Salesforce Senior Developer Evangelist

I've been developing software over half my life, and I remember the day I was introduced to writing tests. At first, I found the concept confusing. Why waste time writing more code to test the code I actually wanted to run? Thankfully, my mentor forced me not only to write tests, but to teach testing to the next new guy. My code has never been the same. I firmly believe the practice of writing tests crafts us into better developers. Testing not only proves code works, it helps us keep things tightly organized, decoupled, and reusable. Testing helps our corporate bottom line, and saves us from deploying nightmare scenarios. It is our hope that Testing in a Box will inspire and craft you, and your Community Group members, into writing useful tests. Along the way, we're sure we'll all become better developers.


  • Meighan Brodkey

    Accenture LLP

    Technical Architect | Delivery Manager



December 8 – 9, 2018
8:00 PM – 12:30 AM UTC


8:00 PMNetworking and Food
8:30 PMIntroduction
8:45 PMModules & Discussions
11:00 PMQ&A
11:30 PMNetworking/Drinks

Group Leaders

  • Meighan Brodkey


    Technical Architect

  • Jessica Hanna



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