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Santa Barbara goes into 3 halves and virtual

About this event

Hello all.

I sincerely hope that this message finds you safe and well.

As you know I have been working on having our next user’s group meeting virtually. There are a lot of moving parts and I have finally gotten what I think will be a dang good virtual meeting!

First and foremost, sorry, there will be no random number generator giveaways. I know :( I have not gotten any new giveaway items from Salesforce.

Normally our meetings are 1/2 dev and 1/2 admin. So figuring that we are all virtual now, I decided that we should do 3 halves. These are odd times, might as well have some odd math.

I have had a few people ask me about mobile. I have responded that I believe it is a niche. But I also see where it can be a very big deal. It is just not a space that I normally spend a lot of time in. So I pulled in a favor. The meeting is ‘sponsored’ by Sundar Kasinathan from Pashtek in Phoenix. I met Sun at Cactusforce. He has an app on the app exchange (Mobi Forms - ) that is all about Mobile. Sun and his company has been in the SF eco system for the last seven years. I asked him if he would demo and talk about mobile at the meeting. He agreed.

For the admin side, we have Zack from Westmont. Zack and his team are going to talk about TDTM in the NPSP/EDA clouds. This is honestly, very borderline between dev and admin in my opinion. It leans a little more dev. However, for all of the people who are using NPSP/EDA this is how you have to do things. My very little 2 cent opinion is that TDTM is something that makes sense in all Salesforce instances. This presentation will help all people understand what happens when triggers fire!

For the dev side, we have Pat from Proton Group. Pat and I both love flow. We also realize the current limitations of flow. Pat is going to talk about Apex and Flow and how it all works together.

I hope that is keeps everyone happy and that no one will be mocked for not being able to have gotten a haircut over the last 2 months.

I will be sending out the link to the meeting closer to the meeting date. Right now we are still working on what platform it will be on.

Thanks again for your patience and support during this time.

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