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Email Deliverability Best Practices for Salesforce

About this event

47.7% of all emails sent today are spam. How do email service providers learn how to detect spam and defend against it? Like a credit score, an “email sender reputation” is used to rank email senders based on trustworthiness. The higher your email “credit score” is, the more likely it is that your emails will be delivered. The lower your “credit score” is, the more likely it is that they will never even be seen.

If you have a poor email sender reputation, you could be sending out emails to no one at all.

But how can you control your email sender reputation and improve the email deliverability?

Learn how to authenticate emails, how a dedicated IP help, what is an email deliverability score, how to monitor the domain, IP reputation, and how to identify spam traps and bad emails.



Wednesday, Jan 8
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (PST)


United Way Bay Area
550 Kearny St San Francisco94108

Group Leaders

  • Gordon Lee

    Gordon Lee

    Common Sense Media

    Director, Salesforce Solution Architect

  • Jessica Kwok

    Jessica Kwok

    Independent Salesforce Consultant


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