Salesblazer Community Panel Discussion: Empowering Sales Professionals for Success

Sep 5, 2023, 10:00 – 11:00 PM

Calling all sales professionals! We are thrilled to announce an upcoming panel discussion featuring our exceptional Salesblazers. Join us to gain valuable insights into their success stories and learn from their experiences.

About this event

Calling all sales professionals! 

We are thrilled to announce an upcoming panel discussion featuring our incredible Salesblazers - Jessica Schein, Business Development Manager, and Lauren Belling, Sales Representative. During this panel discussion,  they will share their personal journeys as Salesblazers and the benefits they have derived from it.

In addition, we will be joined by Kaela Altman, Community Manager at Salesforce, and Megan Shaver. They will share the benefits and opportunities that the Salesblazer Community has to offer and some insights into Sales Representative Certification.


  • Jessica Schein

    Huron Consulting

    Business Development Manager

  • Kaela Altman


    Community Manager

  • Lauren Belling

    BACA Systems

    Sales Rep

  • Megan Shaver


    Product Marketing Manager

Group Leaders

  • Healy Sabharwal


    Community Group Leader

  • Courtney Burgess

    Australian Olympic Committee

    Community Group Leader

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