Exploring the Emerging Roles in the Salesforce Ecosystem

Salesforce Women in Tech Group, Sydney, Australia
Thu, Apr 22, 1:00 PM (AEST)

About this event

While most or all of us really are Salesforce Admins first and foremost, putting the needs of our users first providing and configuring game-changing recommendations in our workplaces to make that magic happen, some of us find ourselves in hybrid or non standard roles and are not always sure what we are. As we progress in our roles too, often our titles do not, or we have titles that don’t quite capture the essence of what we do. So, how does career progression work for non-standard roles if there is no roadmap - or is it actually a lot more straightforward than we might think?

Join us as we explore the unique and unusual roles and job titles out there in our ecosystem. We will deep dive into these emerging roles with Lorna O’Callaghan who is currently a Salesforce Systems Manager in a financial institution., Olympia Newman who is currently a Senior Manager in PWC and Ben Duncombe who is the Director and Salesforce specialist recruitment consultant at Talent Hub.


  • Lorna O'Callaghan

    Lorna O'Callaghan

    Salesforce Systems Manager

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  • Olympia Newman

    Olympia Newman


    Senior Manager

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  • Ben Duncombe

    Ben Duncombe

    Talent Hub


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  • Group Leaders

  • Mia Pacey

    Mia Pacey

    Surf Life Saving NSW

    Community Group Leader

  • Healy Sabharwal

    Healy Sabharwal


    Community Group Leader

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