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Make A Mobile Publisher App for Communities Hands-on Virtual Workshop

About this event

Join this virtual workshop to learn how to build rich digital experiences for your partners using External Apps, enabling them to collaborate on data and processes that live both inside and outside of Salesforce. Then publish that experience to the web and to the App Store or Google Play and as a pixel perfect native mobile app, boosting engagement and adoption from anywhere. No coding required!

Today more than ever people work from any and every where, but also want to be CONNECTED everywhere.  That's where when building a community, Mobile Publisher comes in. As the company - you keep your look, your feel, your branding, and as the end user, you never miss a beat and always stay connected, with an experience that isn't a 180 that has to be re-figured out.

As the person building, you get to give a pixel perfect match for the mobile experience on both Android and iOS with changes instantly being on both, no crazy different security, minimal time (just think we'll be set in just over an hour and many will be creating their first mobile app(s), and the best part... NO CODING! 

That's right you don't need the Android SDK tools, or any code for iPhone either, 100% declarative. Everything is built on platform so it's what you know... BOOM!

What is Involved

For this exercise the scratch orgs will be provided for you with all the things you need for your community and for the Mobile Publisher for Communities in Salesforce.  You just need to bring your laptop and either a phone or tablet to this virtual meeting. If you could try to intall the phone "Playgroud App" in advance, that would be awesome, but I can help you during the event if you have questions or get stuck.

iOS (iPhone/iPad)  

You have 2 apps to install, I have tested this on my iPad, so again, I can help you through this if needed, don't worry - and i LOVE questions 

  1. Install the Apple TestFlight app ( from the App Store onto each test device.
  2. Install the Playground app from Apple TestFlight (


I too have an android phone and love playing with this, just let me know if you need anything or have questions.

  1. Download and install the app from Google Play ( onto each test device.

You will receive the quip doc with the instructions we will go through together for the Workshop and any necessary branding icons will be sent in advance as well.  You will also have the trailheads and other shared info on Mobile Publisher (for Salesforce and Communities) sent out at the end and shared during the call.

Hope to see you there!

Here is the quip doc for the meeting:

Here is the link to get a scratch org to get started! 


Thursday, Oct 22
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM (PDT)

Group Leaders

  • Meighan Brodkey

    Meighan Brodkey


    Technical Architect

  • Jessica Hanna

    Jessica Hanna

    Pacific Science Center


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