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Become a Lightning Community Master with Meighan Brodkey

Jun 21, 2020, 4:30 – 6:30 AM

Salesforce Women in Tech Group, Mumbai, India

Let’s meet online! Join us for another virtual Mumbai WIT meet-up where you'll be exploring the powers of Lightning Communities. We hope you can join us and have fun while we do everything Salesforce together!

About this event

Hi Everyone!

Catch up online with Mumbai WIT family for yet another meet-up to learn and collaborate!

We'll be introducing you with the powers of Lightning Communities.

This session will be perfect for Community newbies and juggernauts that have been around the block. When you leave this session, you are going to want to jump in your Developer Org and try some of the topics we discuss:

   - Understand the Capabilities and benefits of using Lightning Communities

   - Review Community Licensing (Seat vs. Login) including Unauthenticated

   - Understand the foundation of Lightning Community Templates

   - Explore Bolt Solutions and where they can be found

   - Discover Themes and Components both standard and custom

   - Review Lightning Community Pages and how they can be logic driven

   - Explore sharing and how data can be exposed to external users

   - Explore the differences between Sites and Lightning Communities

We will update the virtual meeting details prior to the event.

Special Note: This meetup will be open for everyone this time (not just WIT ladies!) - Anyone with the web link can attend. So, do grab your colleagues, friends and friends of friends!

Please access the Meeting recording here -


  • Meighan Brodkey

    Accenture LLP

    Technical Architect | Delivery Manager

Group Leader

  • Bilquis Shaikh



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