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#WeForce - We bring together 5 continents 🀩 : Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America

Jan 29, 2022, 4:00 – 6:00 PM

Global Salesforce user group meeting

About this event

Global Salesforce user group meeting

Last year, due to the COVID circumstances, lot of trailblazers around the world were forced to postpone their travel a couple of times, and they could not meet new trailblazers around the world. As the situation is still unsure aound the world , we decided to connect with trailblazers around the world remotely.

This event will be international and we bring together 5 continents. We secured a bunch of interesting speakers and topics for you so we are sure you will be able to find bits and pieces that fit into your Salesforce interest area.

This event is a collaboration between:

  • Casablanca Salesforce Developers Group (Africa, Morocco)
  • Kolkata Salesforce Women In Tech Group (Asia, India)
  • Newcastle upon Tyne Salesforce User Group (Europe, United Kingdom)
  • San Ramon Salesforce Admin Group (North America, United States)
  • Sao Paulo Salesforce Admin Group (South America, Brazil)


Join us for what surely will be a memorable meetup!

Topics :

Build More Interactive Lightning Pages with Dynamic Interactions

Before Winter β€˜22 , if you wanted components on a Lightning page to talk to each other, you needed developers to write code and wire events up. But today, all Salesforce #AwesomeAdmins are able to point-and-click their way through the App Builder to build this experience. With Dynamic Interactions an event occurring in one component on a Lightning page, such as the user clicking on an item in a list view, can automatically update other components on the page. Dynamic Interactions lets admins create applications with components that communicate and transform based on user interactions, all in the Lightning App Builder UI. It unlocks capabilities for admins that were previously reserved only for developers. In this session we will see how we can Expose LWC events to Lightning App Builder with Dynamic Interactions, the Latest Low-Code Innovation for Salesforce Platform .

An introduction to Tableau CRM

What is Tableau crm? Why and how to use Salesforce Analytics Cloud? How to connect your data to TCRM. How to Tranform your data in TCRM. How to create the datasets and use them in the dashboards. Example of cool dashboards.

Service Cloud

What is Service Cloud? Why you need Service Cloud? Key features of Service Cloud and its description.

Spring '22 Salesforce Release Upgrades

Review release updates to improve org performance and usability. We'll cover the updates in the setup.

Our sponsors :

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5 certification vouchers to win during this event.


  • Khyati Mehta


    Programmer Analyst

  • Houssam Saoudy


    Salesforce Senior Software Engineer Lead | Salesforce Practice Technical Lead

  • Mark Jones

    Cloud Galacticos

    Salesforce Consultant

  • Sheeba Thukral


    Senior Systems Specialist

  • Phillip Schrijnemaekers

    Certified Salesforce Application Architect | Tableau CRM Consultant

Group Leader

  • Khyati Mehta

    Community Group Leader

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