Salesforce Lightning Flows Workshop Part-3

Salesforce Women in Tech Group, Kolkata, India
Sat, Dec 11, 2021, 6:00 PM (IST)

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About this event

Salesforce Flow empowers you to build complex business solutions using clicks, not code. Flow Builder is the most powerful tool that a Salesforce Admin has at their disposal, giving you similar powers that Salesforce developers have. If you need to perform mass updates across multiple unrelated records, or complex logic into opportunity conversion, these are common examples for when you should use Flow.

The use cases for Flow are endless, and its capabilities are growing with every Salesforce release. This is why we have come up with Flows workshop that consists of five parts in total. We also have two dedicated parts which will be only use cases.

Part-3: Invocable Apex and Call the Apex Class from flow,Navigate to newly crated record from flow,Assign a specific permission set to the newly created user,Call Aura Components.

We also have Salesforce certification vouchers, Salesforce Swags and Udemy Flow Vouchers for giveaway.

Here is the link for Presentation Slides:


Group Leader

  • Khyati Mehta

    Khyati Mehta

    Community Group Leader

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