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Salesforce Career Development - Training Day 13 Apex Coding - Part 5 (Asynchronous Apex)

About this event

Salesforce Career Development Program

In this Salesforce Career development program, you will build a career plan and learn how to land a job in the Salesforce ecosystem.


Speaker : Adityan Thiruchuri, Technical Lead @ Meredith

Topic : Apex (Coding and Development) - Part 5 (Asynchronous Apex)

100 Days Learning Program

Day-43- 46 : Assignment

AsyncApexJob class

Batch Apex

- Custom Iterable Class

- Database.QueryLocator

- Start Method

- executeMethod

- finshMethod


Implementing Database.Stateful Interface

Implementing Database.AllowCallouts

Calling batch with in a batch

Handling exceptions in batch apex

Sending email from finish

Invoking another batch from Batch

Serializing Batch apex

Future Methods

- Calling Future Methods

- Creating a future methods in a batch

Invoking callouts from Batch apex

Implementing Schedule Apex

Queueable Apex Class

Training Timings

Duration : (12 weeks, 25 Days) – 4 hrs./Day

Training hours : 100 hours

Training Period : 100 Days (05-Feb-2022 – 14-May-2022)

Timing : 9:30 AM- 1:30 PM (Sat – Sun)

Fees : Free training program

Cost : Volunteers Devoting time and expertise effort (Let’s Thanks them)

To whom : Fresher’s with Coding Knowledge, #Journey2Salesforce Learners, Developer’s interested to learn Salesforce CRM

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