Debug Logs Deep Dive

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Debugging and troubleshooting issues can be challenging sometimes. But having the right tool and being comfortable with it can take you really far.

We are so excited that Jess Lopez has agreed to share her wisdom on this topic.

In this session, she walks us through capturing a debug log and viewing all sorts of useful information from within the Dev Console. This session is targeted toward all audiences. If you have ever been troubled by errors popping up in your org in all screaming red, and you don't know where to start looking, this session is not to be missed.

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Thursday, Mar 18
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM (EDT)

Group Leaders

  • Alesia Dvorkina

    Alesia Dvorkina

    Hmara Solutions


  • Bhavana Singh

    Bhavana Singh

    Three Moons Consulting


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