The Ambitious Women Mindset

About this event

Heather Black, CEO of Supermums and Golden Hoodie Winner talks about the Ambitious Women Mindset – the mindset that enables you to build your resilience, achieve goals, overcome setbacks and make us feel stronger, clearer and more confident in what you want to achieve.

This courageous, super-confident mindset doesn’t come naturally to women. We can be our own worse inner critic; we can do too many things and we can be influenced by others day to day. Life can get chaotic, we can become overwhelmed, and things feel out of your control. Having a compass is important and the Ambitious Women Mindset is created with that vision in mind. It gives you six key attributes that are pivotal to your core and balance and you can use the model to assess and identify where something is off-kilter.

Heather is an experienced and certified NLP coach and will provide a live 1hr coaching session with a downloadable toolkit for you to revamp your mindset


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