"Changing Your Story in Tech" with Christine Chapman

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Did you know 56% of women in tech leave the industry in the first ten years? 

"Are you feeling stuck in tech and not sure you have a future in the industry? Are you tired of dealing with microaggressions at work or a difficult manager? You are not alone. My first five years in tech I constantly wondered if I could make it in the industry and doubted I would ever find a team where I felt like I belonged, but everything changed for me when I found my community. We’ll cover how to find your community, articulate the change you want, and take that powerful step to find your place in tech. The right team and the right manager is out there for everyone. You have the power to change your story." - Christine Chapman

Christine Chapman is an Engineering Manager passionate about retention of women in tech. Christine is a champion of diversity and inclusion and has created tangible, positive change within teams and companies In 2020, she founded Changing the Story dedicated to improving early career retention of women in tech through equipping early career women and tech leadership with the tools to implement retention and belonging initiatives at their company. Christine believes by focusing on retention we can change the story of women in tech.


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