Austin Women in Tech - Outages...2020...The Snowpocalypse - How to Deal!

About this event

With the recent snow/ice event in Texas, some of us were faced with that very real question of what to do when your business has an emergency. What if all your user profiles were suddenly wiped out and no one can log in? What if you need to communicate to all your customers or users RIGHT NOW? Do you have a plan?

Join us and let's discuss and share what we can do to survive a disaster!

Please bring some of your horror stories along with your greatest rescues.
Let's help each other become heroes!

Group Leaders

  • Miranda Moonilal

    Miranda Moonilal


    Community Group Leader

  • Esmy Macias

    Esmy Macias


    Community Group Leader

  • Esmeralda Hernandez

    Esmeralda Hernandez

    Community Group Leader

  • Kinsey Holloway, PMP

    Kinsey Holloway, PMP

    Community Group Leader

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