Trailhead DX 2020 Global Gathering Event in collaboration with #SheforceWIT & Gurgaon,IN WIT Group

Salesforce Women in Tech Group, Ashburn, United States
Sat, Sep 12, 2020, 11:00 AM (EDT)

About this event

Let’s get together to talk about highlights from TrailheaDX 2020. During this Global Gathering, we’ll deliver a talk on the practice of being an Architect or the Architect Mindset. We will also be hosting the meeting along with the #SheforceWIT and Salesforce Gurgaon, IN WIT Group to bring the Architect, Developer, and Admin Session highlights. #TrailblazingTogether. 

Event Sponsors -  BugendaiTech and Cloud Adoption Solutions


  • Emely Patra

    Emely Patra


    Regional Vice President

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  • Ashvin Bhatt

    Ashvin Bhatt

    PwC India

    Senior Consultant & Architect

  • Sakshi Nagpal

    Sakshi Nagpal


    Salesforce Consultant

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  • Gurleen Singh

    Gurleen Singh


    BA/Salesforce System Admin

  • Roushan Kumar

    Roushan Kumar

    Bugendai Tech

    CEO & CO-Founder

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  • Akhilesh Sharma

    Akhilesh Sharma

    Salesforce SME

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  • Shannon J. Gregg

    Shannon J. Gregg

    Cloud Adoption Solutions


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  • Atul Gupta

    Atul Gupta

    CloudVandana Solutions

    Director, CloudVandana Solutions

  • Saagar Kinja

    Saagar Kinja


    Senior Consultant

  • Sushant


    NCR Corporation

    Salesforce Developer

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  • Group Leader

  • Gurleen Singh

    Gurleen Singh


    Community Group Leader

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