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Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out. – Robert Collier

Join us for the ultimate #WIT event in collaboration with Slalom DC WIT.

Getting a job is a skill, a skill that can be learned. Getting a job can be internal with your current employer for a position you are eyeing or external in the wider market. Our team here at Slalom would love to share some tips on Resume Building, Interviewing, and Negotiation.

They will share insights from their day-to-day interactions with candidates, what works well, and where their candidates miss out.

Together Ashburn WIT and Slalom DC WIT groups want to support your success and will include an added Q&A at the end of this session.

Come join us to learn more ☺️

You will also have a chance to win Swag, now that is just perfect 🤩

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Ashburn WIT: @WITAshburngroup

Slalom DC: @SlalomDC


Group Leaders

  • Gurleen Singh

    Gurleen Singh


    Community Group Leader

  • Joan Strahler

    Joan Strahler

    SaaS Ascend

    Community Group Leader

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