SF Welly - Back Up Your Org Data - panel discussion with Xero and Ausure - Wed Sep 30 12pm NZT

Salesforce User Group, Wellington, New Zealand
Wed, Sep 30, 2020, 12:00 PM (NZDT)

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Huge thanks to Vickie & Shali for their informative discussion.

Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/mNRE_YuYa0lw1Hg4ZIlUL11wwa0TH6YxogNBQaEaaS5hrdYM4pCwut0rjAwj2qBU.NRgQ-M6fPCSaV7BU Passcode: ^.5AA=33

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How is your org protected - are you backing up your data regularly? Can you restore your data? Salesforce no longer offers data restoration support (support ceased July 31, 2020), and there are many 3rd party solutions available. Some of these providers are very pushy in their sales attempts, as you may have experienced. 

** Please note if you are planning to attend this meeting, that New Zealand just moved one hour further ahead of GMT, into NZ daylight savings time, on Sunday 27th Sept, so your time zone calculation may no longer be correct! (hopefully the calendar invite will adjust, but please check!)** Meeting will run at 12 noon NZ Summer Time.

Be assured that this SFWelly session is ISV-free, dial in and hear the truth (good - and bad maybe!) from genuine customers. 

We welcome Shailendra from Xero, and Vickie from Ausure, both Salesforce customers, they will be discussing what backup solutions their companies leverage, and will be available for Q & A.

Please note: This SFWelly meeting is proudly independently organised and not sponsored by any backup provider, the intention is for open and honest information for Salesforce Ohana customers - NOT a sales pitch / or any incentives to attend this meeting!

All Ohana welcome, any issues please email me: Anna.Loughnan@trailblazer.cgl

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  • Vickie Jeffery

    Vickie Jeffery

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  • Shailendra Singh

    Shailendra Singh


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  • Anna Loughnan

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    Ministry of Health NZ


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