Salesforce Industries + Salesforce Career Guidance (In-Person)

May 21, 2022, 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM


About this event

Title - Salesforce Industries

Vlocity (Salesforce Industries now), as the name suggests is a product that came into being to expedite the time to market for industry-specific digital transformations. In this session, we introduce the product to the audience and give a brief overview of its origin, need and benefits in implementing CRM transformations. While it's important to mention the need and benefits, we'll also enlighten the audience about the building blocks of Salesforce Industries that take forward the idea of "Low Code", "Configurable" and "Pre-built" components.

Title - Salesforce Career Guidance

In this session, we will cover the importance of Salesforce and how one can explore, leverage the Career Path. Salesforce Certifications also play a vital role in one's career. So, we will also cover the path to follow for Salesforce Certifications.

Due to pandemic, we all have not met in-person and didn’t get a chance to connect and learn. This event is open for all and will be held in Kolkata. Please RSVP only if you will be able to attend this in-person.

We have lot's of vouchers and swags for you all to win. We also have an arrangement of Hi-Tea for you all who attend.

Come and join us to make this event a successful one. 


  • Poulomi Ghosh

    Cognizant Technology Solutions

    Salesforce Practice Lead

  • Santanu Boral

    Concentrix Catalyst

    Salesforce Practice Lead

Group Leaders

  • Tushar Sinha

    Speridian Technologies

    Community Group Leader

  • Ayan Chawdhury

    Community Group Leader

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