Unleashing the Power of Lightning Web Components (LWC)!

Learn to build your first basic Lightning Web Component (LWC) from scratch! Our virtual event covers LWC basics, coding, and deployment, with hands-on experience and best practices. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your skills to the next level and become a pro at building Lightning Web Components!

About this event

Lightning Web Components is a new programming model for building Lightning components. It uses web standards breakthroughs, can coexist and interoperate with the Aura programming model, and delivers unparalleled performance.

In this session, we will walk through the basics of building a simple LWC! 

Here are some things that will be covered:

  • what are LWCs
  • adding code, using VS Code, to build a LWC
  • previewing and testing the LWC
  • uploading the LWC 

Here is what is NOT covered:

  • setting up your Salesforce DX Environment*
  • setting up your Visual Studio Code*

*you can do these ahead of time by  completing this module: https://trailhead.salesforce.com/content/learn/projects/quick-start-lightning-web-components?trail_id=build-lightning-web-components

*I also recommend having a GitHub account setup.


Group Leaders

  • Ryan Schierholz

    Ryan Schierholz

    The Great Horizon (TGH) LLC


  • Roy Moore

    Roy Moore

    Compassion International

    Salesforce Guy

  • Alicia Franks

    Alicia Franks

    AllCloud LLC

    Community Group Leader

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