Integrating NPSP to Fundraising Platforms

This meeting will focus on integrating online fundraising platforms into Salesforce NPSP using two contrasting approaches.

About this event

Happy new year to everyone and welcome to our first meeting of 2021.

Online fundraising platforms are proliferating, offering new opportunities for innovative fundraising, but increasing the challenges for admins to get data into Salesforce NPSP. 

This meeting will look at two innovated approaches to this challenge. 

Our first speaker will be James Gilray  co-founder and Customer Success Director of,  an Australian start-up tackling this challenge head-on. MoveData is an integration toolkit built with live API connections which link fundraising platforms  to Salesforce by automatically translating live platform data into a format Salesforce can easily read. 

Our second speaker will be Adam Sellers, Platform Architect from Adam will be present how to approach the same problem from a native Salesforce approach using the integration tools of Mulesoft. 


Group Leaders

  • Deborah Warner

    Deborah Warner

    Australian Cancer Research Foundation


  • Stacey Swanton

    Stacey Swanton

    Community Group Leader

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