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A practical NFP approach to Salesforce Data Quality, Governance and tools

Nov 25, 2020, 5:00 – 6:00 AM

This month we focus everything data quality with two speakers focusing on the practical steps you can take to assure and improve your data quality

About this event

High-quality data is key to the success of any nonprofit Salesforce initiative. Fortunately the platform offers many options to set up structures and processes to help assure the quality and consistency of your data.

This month we will look at this challenge from two different angles.

Our first speaker is Hanzel Nillo from Database Consultants Australia (DCA). DCA offer a range of managed services to organisations to help with data challenges and opportunities. DCA are a Fundraising Institute Australia National Partner and understand the particular challenges that nonprofits face. Hanzel will step through what you can practically do to improve your datar practices.

Our second speaker is Andrew Fragias from Validity, who will showcase DemandTools, which is the #1 data quality tool in the Salesforce world, and used by many nonprofits. DemandTools is actually a comprehensive toolkit that lets you manage and automate many aspects of data quality and movements. 


  • Andrew Fragias

    Validity Inc.

    Product Manager

  • Hanzel Nillo


Group Leaders

  • Deborah Warner

    Australian Cancer Research Foundation


  • Stacey Swanton

    Community Group Leader

  • Anand Marathe

    Atlas Consulting

    Community Group Leader

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