Forcelandia recap and a look ahead to Dreamforce

Let's have a quick recap of Forcelandia and share some tips on Dreamforce and what to look forward to.

About this event

Forcelandia was just a week ago and Dreamforce is only a "mere" 2 months away! 

Both Rich and Shanks presented at Forcelandia and will recap what they talked about. 

Then we'll chat about Dreamforce and give some tips and tricks on how to have an enjoyable experience. 


Group Leaders

  • James Milne

    James Milne

    Kell Partners

    Community Group Leader

  • Andrew Shanks

    Andrew Shanks

    Oregon Humane Society

    Community Group Leader

  • Rich Nevin

    Rich Nevin

    HiFi Consulting Group

    Co-Founder & Principal

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