You’re Right – You Can’t Do It All: Tactics to Manage both Rapid Response Work AND Project Work

About this event

Experts on platforms like Salesforce have a persistent and irritating challenge: balancing the firefighting work versus the project work. There is ALWAYS a fire to put out and ALWAYS a project to complete. Realistically: too many fires and too many projects. How can you possibly balance it all? This presentation shares tools, tactics and perspectives to help attendees get clarity on the work, prioritize their workflow, and transform out of burning out-hero-mode and into a productive routine. Topics to be covered: – Measuring your unplanned work against your actually planned/unplanned work – Establishing a planning & prioritization practice: yearly; quarterly; monthly; weekly; daily – Tools to set expectations with stakeholders (roadmaps; building muscle memory for estimation; proposals; being honest about the work; etc) – Tips to improve your morning stand up to balance project and interruption work – Framing communication: selling authentically to internal audiences Audience details: primarily for those in an Admin / Product Owner role; business analysts; and also developers – those these tactics apply to anyone that does both project + interruption work A bit more about me: these tactics have been learned over the past 20+ years running engineering, product development, and lines of business, the last 10+ have been on the Salesforce platform.



Friday, Sep 30
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (EDT)

Group Leaders

  • Lisa Glass Kornstein

    Lisa Glass Kornstein


  • Dan Flanigan

    Dan Flanigan

    YAI Seeing Beyond Disability

    Solution Architect

  • Nico Marino

    Nico Marino


  • Bill Florio

    Bill Florio

    Community Group Leader

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