Simplified Integrations: Connecting Salesforce Flows to External Platforms

About this event

Embracing seamless integrations has been a long-standing goal for organizations seeking to enhance their workflows and data exchange processes. With the latest innovation from Salesforce we are excited to present a new feature that enables direct connections to external platforms, eliminating the need for middleware or plug-ins.

Join us for an informative session where we will discuss the exciting possibilities that this new Salesforce feature unlocks. Discover how you can now establish robust integrations without the complexities and overhead of additional tools. Say goodbye to middleware and plug-ins, and say hello to a streamlined integration experience.

Group Leaders

  • Julia Khon

    Julia Khon

    Una Buro

    Montreal Nonprofit User Group Leader

  • Mitchell Swailes

    Mitchell Swailes

    Conseil Una Buro


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