Deployments in Salesforce Projects

It's been a while that we have met, 1 year to be precise :) And here we come with something we believe most of us come across at our work or learning, "The Deployments". Be it just the beginning of your journey or maybe a bit already into your works, knowledge of deployments is a must. Come, join us for lots of fun and some quality takeaways guaranteed.

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About this event

One aspect of every Salesforce piece of work that we do is Deployments. Now, whether we actually do it or not is probably dependent on the project plan but there is no denying that come to the need, we must know how to do it on our own. With the growing need for independent contributor roles, this becomes a must-have for everyone.

This session would talk about the definition, the need, and the ways of deployments in Salesforce. Look forward to having an exciting session as always.

( On behalf of Hyderabad Trailblazer Community )



Saturday, Jun 12
6:30 PM - 8:15 PM (IST)

Group Leaders

  • Bala Gangadhar Vadlamuri

    Bala Gangadhar Vadlamuri

    Megnity Technologies


  • Ram Varun Vipparthy

    Ram Varun Vipparthy

    Megnity Technologies

    Community Group Leader

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