Consultant to Architect #C2A - A brand new series

Jul 16, 2022, 4:30 – 7:00 AM

This is the launch of a brand new series from the famous Salesforce MVP Mr. Rupesh Bhatia of D2C ( Developer to Consultant ) fame along with our Group Leader Mr. Roshan Kotla who are going to talk about Consulting and path to becoming an Architect...Come and join us to explore your career path as an aspiring architect or improve your skillset if you are already an architect.

About this event

Mr Rupesh Bhatia has helped a lot of people in targeting and achieving the Consultant dream, Now its time to look at the Architect path and help guide all the aspiring architects with the right guidance.

This talk would primarily cover two aspects -

Why and how to develop an architect mindset, how to elevate your architect career path

Deep dive into a day in life of an architect on projects (covering all phases)

Our Developer Group Leader Roshan Kotla has been in the consulting industry and also played role of a Solution Architect himself for a long time now and is going to throw light upon some key aspects of success for a consulting mindset and the transition to becoming an architect.

Don't miss this one time opportunity to interact and learn LIVE at Hyderabad !


  • Rupesh Bhatia

    Salesforce MVP

    Salesforce Solution Architect

  • Roshan Kotla


    Founder & CEO

Group Leaders

  • Bala Gangadhar Vadlamuri

    Megnity Technologies


  • Satya Sriram Varun Vipparty


    Community Group Leader

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