Small Steps to Increased Salesforce Security for Nonprofits (Virtual Meeting)

About this event

Your organization is a potential target for a security threat -- it's not boring enough to not be. Don't be fooled into thinking that nonprofits are immune.

Cyber security is lurking as a constant threat globally, and there have been notable breaches in the past six months. So now's the time for Salesforce admins to find ways to protect their organizations.

Red Argyle, a Salesforce partner, is joining us for a 30 minute session to help nonprofits stay ahead of the curve. We will talk about Salesforce and security. You'll have time to ask questions and walk away with more knowledge about:

1. Salesforce & cybersecurity

2. Real-world experiences of vulnerability & remediation within Salesforce

3. Top 10 action items for any Salesforce admin


Group Leader

  • Melissa Hill Dees

    Melissa Hill Dees

    HandsOn Connect Cloud Solutions


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