Data Friendly Sandboxes: Urban Legend or a Quick Win?

We will be joined by Chicago Non Profit User Group Leader & Data Generation Community Project Member, Cassie Supilowski! Join us for a wonderful presentation created by the non-profit project community about DATA and where to do what.

About this event

We’ve probably all heard it: Building and testing in sandboxes is a best practice and we should never build in production. But is it realistic? When we try to spin up a sandbox we can end up with no data at all, data that doesn’t match what we need or undecipherable errors! There always seems to be a tension between wanting to be good stewards of our orgs and recognizing the reality of the sandboxes, developer orgs and scratch orgs that are dealt to us. And so, our group of nonprofit admins, consultants and developers set out to prove (to ourselves and the community) that data-friendly sandboxes are not just an urban legend. Come learn about our quest to find and create tools that fill sandboxes with usable data, and what you can do to (finally) follow those “best practices” we all hear about!



Tuesday, Dec 7
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM (EST)

Group Leaders

  • Justin Gavette

    Justin Gavette


    Community Group Leader

  • Rachel Ciprotti

    Rachel Ciprotti

    Community Group Leader

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