Generative AI Horizons: Unleashing Digital Marketing's Future

About this event

In this community lead event we will be discussing where people are at with generative AI and their predictions for where we will be in 5-years time.

Special thank you to Genna Matson, Zakaria El Jazouli, Aysha Marie Zouain, James Wood, Lesley Higgins, Eliot Harper, Cameron Robert, Pato Sapir, Dee Surico, Aaron Beatty and Matt Cameron for getting involved to help share with the community.

The agenda is simple, each person has 3-minutes to share their thoughts, tips and prompts. Then we will do some Q&A.

Reachout if you would like to join the panel.

Have a question or have something special about generative AI to share - join us on the SFMCDG blog and share a comment


Group Leaders

  • Eliot Harper

    Eliot Harper


    Community Group Leader

  • Jarrett Bush

    Jarrett Bush

    Crown Resorts

    Community Group Leader

  • Matt Cameron

    Matt Cameron

    Community Group Leader

  • Lakshmi S

    Lakshmi S


    Community Group Leader

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