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#Implementation Series - Session 9: Authenticating SFMC Cloud Pages with Okta

Oct 12, 2022, 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Authenticating SFMC Cloud Pages with Okta + Coding cloud pages from local machine with ngrok server & VS code

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Use case #1: While we can create powerful single page web applications with Cloud Pages (like custom preference centers or landing pages), we can also build custom dashboards (e.g. automation dashboards) or Marketing Cloud apps that interacts with email contents (e.g. search & replace app). The problem is that the Cloud Pages are not secured and anyone with a URL can access it. While there are 'hacks' to prevent access, a more secure method is to authenticate the users accessing your Cloud Page application with your enterprise Okt account

Use case #2: Coding cloud pages from local machine with ngrok server & VS code

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  • Mathes Kanagarajan


    Senior SFMC Consultant

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  • Murali Kandula


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