#Implementation Series - Session 10: When AppExchange is right and what to do when it's wrong

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 πŸŸ  Context - when should you consider building a custom app?

πŸ”΅ Basics- what is a Cloud Page App?

πŸ”΄ Menu - how to add documentation or internal tools to Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

🟠 Security - how to protect your app with SSO and more?

πŸ”΅ Diagrams - how the Cloud Page Apps work feat. Lucid Software?

πŸ”΄ #SSJS Snippets- how to build your first Cloud Page App in 5 minutes?

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a. Will this session be recorded? Yes

b. When will the recordings be available? The recordings will be shared at the earliest possible

c. Where can I access the recordings? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_o00w2Z5LYF91zZDfjY03RWg2P-wdZr9

d. Where can I access all the presentations: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RotIatxMxnwSvy0TSNfVVrJb7F2gRfVN?usp=sharing

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g. Twitter handle: @MCLearningCamp

h. List of all sessions lined up so far: https://jbitra.com/2022/03/19/marketing-cloud-implementation-series/


Group Leaders

  • Jyothsna Bitra (JB)

    Jyothsna Bitra (JB)



  • Murali Kandula

    Murali Kandula


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