#Impactforce World's shortest Job Description: "Make New Friends"

Salesforce Marketer Group (Marketing Cloud), Phoenix, United States
Sat, Oct 24, 2020, 8:00 AM (MST)

About this event

"Make new friends" - Why would that be the SVP of Customer Success' job description?

Because networking in a genuine and consistent way is the single best tool you have at your disposal to be successful in the Salesforce ecosystem. It's very critical in building relations, gaining friends and making career progression.

Unfortunately, for some this can be the most uncomfortable. Connecting with people should be fun! Let's hear from Melissa about why it's important, how we can get better at it and build stronger relations, tips/tricks and many more.

Melissa Hill Dees is a Founding Partner at HandsOn Connect, NGO Community Group Leader, Dreamforce speaker, Lightning Champion, SFDO Sprinter, serves on the Board of Amplify and advocates #domoregood, #WIT, #EqualityForAll. 

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  • Melissa Hill Dees

    Melissa Hill Dees

    HandsOn Connect

    Founding Partner + VP

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  • Jyothsna Bitra

    Jyothsna Bitra


    Marketing Champion/Phoenix B2C CGL

  • Group Leaders

  • Jyothsna Bitra

    Jyothsna Bitra


  • Murali Kandula

    Murali Kandula


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